Change Payment Profile in Your Google Ads Account in 1 day

Change Payment Profile Google Ads

We present to your attention our new service: change a Google payment profile from a Google Ads advertising account in accounts that do not have access to the email (mail) of the current payment profile.

If you want to order such a service, then write to us on Telegram.

What is changing the payment profile in your Google Ads account?

In order to run advertising in Google Ads, in addition to the account itself, you need to have an active payment profile in Google Pay.

A Google Payments Profile is a separate entity that is separate from Google Ads or any other Google service. Thus, a Google advertising account can be registered at email “X”, and the payment profile linked to this account can be registered at email “Y”.

Those. Advertising account and payment profile emails may belong to different people. For example, advertising account “X” belongs to a freelancer/individual/agency that provides services to a client, and payment profile “Y” belongs to the client. After the end of the advertising campaign (the end of the relationship between the freelancer and the client), the freelancer remains with a Google advertising account in which the payment profile of the client (already former) is linked.

A freelancer could sell a Google Ads account to us or any people in need (for example, arbitration teams), but in this state the advertising the account is useless, since only a former client with payment profile “Y” can make payments in it. You won’t be able to run ads on such an account.

In order for a freelancer to sell this account, you need to change the payer (change the payment profile) in the advertising account. Or delete it. Both the first and second operations are impossible without the consent and confirmation of client “Y”. Clients, as a rule, are not interested in this, disappear or do not respond to messages. The official procedure for changing/removing a payer takes from 2 to 20 days, or even longer. Our service is that we can change/remove the payer in Google advertising accounts:

  • Without participation of client “Y”;
  • For 1 day;
  • Absolutely legal.

Who needs the service of changing the payment profile in Google Ads?

  1. Google account sellers (freelancers, PPC specialists, marketing agencies, anyone who has Google Ads accounts) who have accounts with payment profiles that they cannot close/change. Because of this, they will not be able to sell these accounts to most people in need.
  2. Buyers of Google Ads accounts (arbitrators, arbitration teams, resellers) – persons who want to buy Google accounts for the purpose of their further use, but cannot buy them because the payment profile is linked.

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