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Google Ads accounts are used by arbitrageurs and webmasters, which allows you to get traffic more efficiently and monetize your audience. If you plan to start earning money and increase sales of goods and services through advertising campaigns, you should buy a Google Ads account.

This will save you time – you don’t have to register profiles from scratch yourself and wait for a long moderation process. After the purchase, you can use them in your work.

The main problem lies in the difficulty of passing moderation and the rules of the site. Google has a fairly strict policy prohibiting advertising on a number of topics, and in case of violation, it promptly throws the profile into a ban (usually permanently). For this reason, the service of buying trust accounts is popular.

Procedure for purchasing Google Ads accounts

We offer a convenient and fast ordering system, after which you are instantly given access to your accounts. Prices are low, it is possible to pay for your order using cryptocurrency. On Telegram, specialists are ready to answer any questions related to the order.

  1. We send a list with the id and characteristics of available accounts.
  2. You select the accounts that interest you. From your MCC, send a request to view accounts. If there is no MCC, send us an email to which you need to open read access.
  3. We open access for reading.
  4. You get acquainted with the accounts, ask us questions that interest you. You make a decision.
  5. If the accounts are suitable for you, we will send you payment details. Available payment methods are TetherUS. Currency USDT, available networks for transactions: TRC20, ERC20.
  6. You pay 100% of the cost of the selected accounts.
  7. After receiving payment, we transfer you the rights of the account owner to your MCC, or transfer the admin rights to your email.

What does an old Google Ads (Adwords)account give you?

There are several reasons for purchasing Google profiles:

  1. Allows you to pass accelerated moderation. If the old profile still contains previous ad campaigns, new posts will be automatically moderated. This saves you time.
  2. There are no restrictions on the number of ads in the search engine or partner networks.
  3. You can get discount vouchers that can be used to pay for new ads.
  4. The profile doesn’t need any additional warm-up, it is already working and completely safe.

How much it costs to buy a Google Ads accountdepends on its status and trust score. The higher your profile’s trust level, the higher the chances that moderation will take place faster. Such accounts are slightly more expensive than regular ones.

What the trust level depends on:

  1. Registration date – the longer the period of your account’s downtime, the better.
  2. What transactions were made and in what quantity.
  3. What actions were performed from the merchant profile and some other factors.

When to buy a Google Ads account

You may need to make a purchase in the following cases:

  1. If the old account is blocked. It is almost impossible to restore it. All that remains is to register a new one. For a number of reasons, this solution is not suitable for many people.
  2. To manage multiple accounts at the same time. This is relevant for advertising and marketing companies that lead multiple clients at once.
  3. For working with multiple currencies. You can’t create ad campaigns in different currencies in the same merchant profile. You need multiple accounts registered in different countries.
  4. If you want to bypass the limits and restrictions.
  5. As an additional protection in case one of the pages is blocked, you can split and save your revenue.
  6. To try different methods of attracting traffic or experiment with the topic of the resource.

Advertising and marketing agencies regularly purchase ready-made accounts for managing and running ads. In this case, you don’t need to spend time and effort registering new profiles that will be considered suspicious by Google.

This may cause a new ad to hang for a long time during moderation, not start immediately, or stop almost immediately after launch. If you choose high-quality accounts for purchasing, you won’t have any problems at the stage of publishing and launching advertising campaigns.

Why are accounts blocked?

About several dozen topics are banned, including advertising of casinos, betting, all types of gambling entertainment and gray offers of CPA networks. Also, some arbitrageurs in an attempt to attract traffic from prohibited topics use cloaking – in the long run, this always ends with a ban. 

Therefore, you need to purchase new profiles for advertising and traffic arbitration. Otherwise, ad campaigns that already exist in your profile will be frozen during the moderation stage.

If you plan to fully earn money on arbitration, it is important to regularly buy new Google Advertising accounts that have high spending and downtime rates. Further, when working in the merchant profile, we recommend that you carefully study the site’s rules and check all future campaigns for violations.

If the next ad campaign was rejected for some unknown reason, check the ad status. Use the settings button to make changes to the company and republish it.

What topics can’t be advertised

Blocking Google accounts for violations is not uncommon. Therefore, the service of purchasing working accounts is in demand. This is a solution for anyone who plans to attract traffic, advertise and sell products and services.

A ready-made account will speed up the process of passing moderation of new advertising campaigns, which in the future will allow you to earn more. In addition, the probability of falling under blockages and restrictions in this case is reduced.

There are several topics from the so-called gray list that cannot be advertised in Google Ads:

  1. Topics related to gambling, lotteries, casinos, and sports betting.
  2. Gray network offers, pyramid schemes, and loans.
  3. Subject 18+.

Moderation in this case is almost impossible to pass, and the risks of blocking are very high. If you plan to work successfully with purchased accounts, you should keep in mind the general rules for working on the site and topics that are prohibited. Other topics can be a good option for earning money.

For a complete list of prohibited topics, see the Google Ads rules. We are against violations of the rules, so we recommend that you advertise only permitted products and services.

What are the advantages of buying Google Ads accounts?

There are several advantages to using old accounts for advertising:

  1. You don’t need to spend time creating new accounts and promoting them.
  2. Simplified moderation for those accounts with high trust increases the likelihood of passing in an accelerated time frame.
  3. There are chances to pass verification faster even with a large number of active campaigns.

google ads account

Despite the apparent ease of using your merchant Profile to get traffic or run online ads, your work doesn’t always go smoothly. What you should consider in the process:

  1. What is the registration date for the selected accounts? It is important not only that they have been registered for a long time, but also that they are in use, and not inactive for a long time.
  2. Which ads were launched earlier. The theme should only be white.
  3. How your account was regularly used.

Why buy a Google Ads account from us?

A modern online business cannot work effectively without advertising. Many professionals today use multiple accounts to provide services to their clients. We have comfortable purchase conditions, and we can also buy back your Google AdWords accounts if the following conditions are met:

  1. Your account must have active advertising campaigns.
  2. The currency is only USD and minimum expenses start from $ 100.
  3. Only accounts that are older than 1 month and not registered in the Russian Federation.
  4. There should be no debts on the page and no request for proof of identity.
  5. The subject of ad campaigns should only be from the whitelist.

Following the Google Advertising rules in the future will help you avoid problems with sudden account blockages.

Any other questions? Write to us in Telegram or fill out the form below!


    Is it possible to purchase accounts without prior review, based on the characteristics described in the file and the answers to the questions received?
    No, to avoid misunderstandings, you must review all accounts before purchasing to determine if they are suitable for you. Only then make a purchase. Otherwise, no refund will be possible.
    After purchasing accounts, can you keep them for a while?
    Accounts must be transferred to your MCC or email within three days from the date of purchase.
    Is it possible to pay for accounts with Bitcoin?
    No. At the moment, we accept payments only to crypto-wallets with TetherUS USDT currency. Available networks TRC20, ERC20.
    Is it possible to purchase proxies, payment cards and other consumables from you to launch advertising campaigns?
    No, at the moment we are selling one single product - Google Ads spin accounts, and one single service - removing payment profiles from Google Ads accounts.
    What GEO and currency are in your accounts?
    90% of our accounts meet the following characteristics. Currency - US dollar. GEO - Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Türkiye. Spend from $100. Age - from 3 months.
    Do you sell farming accounts?
    No, we have real accounts of advertising agencies and private entrepreneurs.
    Is it possible to rent an account?
    No, we are exclusively engaged in the sale of accounts.
    Is it possible to book an account and pay later?
    For new clients, reservations are available without prepayment for a duration of 1 hour. For regular customers, reservations are available without prepayment for up to 3 days. For large customers the conditions are individual.
    Are your accounts verified?
    No, we do not sell verified accounts. In 90% of cases, account verification is not needed (Google does not ask for it). If you still need verification of your advertising account, you can go through it yourself.
    Do you work through a guarantor?
    Yes, we are working. Payment for guarantor services is at the expense of the buyer.
    Are there account discounts?
    Yes, there are 10-20% discounts for regular customers.
    Do you transfer accounts to octo-browser and the like?
    No, accounts are transferred to your MCC or email.

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