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If you have old Google Ads advertising accounts that are not being used, then you can earn good money by selling them to us. We’ll tell you how to do this and what criteria are put forward for advertising cabinets below. Sell Google Ads account is an opportunity to earn excellent additional income.

If you need to buy instead of sell, then go to the “Selling Google Ads Accounts” page.

Why do we buy old Google Ads advertising accounts?

We are engaged in traffic arbitration. We run ads for services or products with gray themes: casinos, bookmakers, quick loans, etc. Google is very picky about advertising, so accounts are often blocked or subject to restrictions. To effectively collect traffic, we need backup accounts and we are willing to pay good amounts for them.

Why are there restrictions on buying up Google Ads accounts?

It’s simple, some accounts may have arrears, be blocked, etc. That’s why buying absolutely everything doesn’t make sense.

If your Google Ads account is blocked — you can’t do anything with it anymore. You won’t be able to unscrew ads on it. But old accounts with working companies are needed. New companies go through a lengthy review process by moderators, which is not suitable for arbitration. Accounts with up-to-date campaigns are valuable because they have been moderated. The campaign just needs to be edited, and verification will take a minimum of time.

How can you sell Google Ads account?

If you decide to sell your old Google Ads account, take a series of preparatory steps that will help you understand whether the account is suitable for advertising purposes:

  1. Provide the id of your accounts.
    1. This information will help you understand if your merchant profile is blocked. The information is placed in each account, in the upper-right corner.
  2. How to send information for purchasing Google accounts.
    1. Log in to your Google Ads merchant profile. Each account has a numeric designation, for example, 536-895-9866. Copy the id of the accounts you want to sell. Then send them to our Telegram. We request access through the Google Ads Management Account (MMC).
  3. Granting access to an advertising account.
    1. You will have to grant access in each advertising cabinet separately. Go to the “Tools and Settings” section. It is displayed as a wrench icon. Select Access and Security. Go to the “Managing Accounts” tab. You will see a request here. Accept it by clicking on “Accept”.
    2. Then we check the accounts, if they meet the requirements, provide us with the functions of the owner by setting the item in the corresponding field to “Yes”.
  4. The last stage is receiving money. We pay the amount for selling google ads account

To sell a Google Ads account, it must meet our requirements:

  1. The presence of old advertising campaigns (only GDN or YouTube are not interested).You don’t need to clean your office. We need old ad campaigns. Successes or failures are absolutely not interesting. You are interested in active ads. There must be at least one campaign approved by the moderator.
  2. The account’s currency is USD. This is due to the fact that we work in the American market.
  3. The minimum amount spent in the merchant profile is $100.
  4. Accounts must be at least 1 month old.
  5. The theme of untwisted campaigns is only white spheres. MFIs, loans, dietary supplements, alternative medicine — not interested.
  6. Accounts should not receive a request for identity verification.
  7. Payment profiles are not required.
  8. We also accept accounts with used promo codes.
  9. We do not buy accounts that were created in the Russian Federation.

At what price can you sell your Google Ads account?

The larger the amount that is turned off in the merchant profile, the more we will pay. Below is a table that will help you understand the cost.

We can tell you the final price for the account after communicating with you.

Spend range (spending in an advertising account) Account redemption cost
$50 – $100 от $20
$100 – $200 от $30
$200 – $300 от $40
$300 – $400 от $50
$400 – $500 от $70
$500 – $600 от $80
$600 – $800 от $100
$800 – $1000 от $125
$1000 – $2000 от $150
$2000 – $3000 от $175
$3000 – $4000 от $185
$4000 – $5000 от $200
$5000 – $7000 от $225
$7000 – $10000 от $250
$10000 – $15000 от $275
$15000 – $20000 от $325
$20000 – $30000 от $375
$30000 – $50000 от $450
$50000 – $100000 от $550
$100000+ от $650

How do I pay money to the seller?

For clients, payment is made in USDT TRC 20 cryptocurrency. For customers from other countries only in USDT TRC 20 cryptocurrency or payment to a bank card. If the volume exceeds $ 5,000, we are ready to consider other payment methods preferred by the client.

As you can see, you can easily get rid of old unnecessary accounts and get a good amount. The whole procedure takes a few minutes.

Any other questions? Write to us in Telegram or fill out the form below!

    Frequently asked questions from our clients who wanted to sell their Google Ads account

    Who can benefit from this?
    If you have previously worked in advertising on Google, as a store owner, content manager or marketer, you probably still have an advertising account with old companies. Now you can make good money on this. Profit can reach several hundred dollars, or even more. And this is for an old account that no one needs.
    Why do we need old Google Ads accounts?
    There is nothing illegal here. We are engaged in traffic arbitrage. This business requires the presence of many advertising cabinets. They must be working. Since Google loves old accounts and trusted companies, this makes it easier to work, reduces the moderation period for new ads to a minimum.
    Isn't that a scam?
    You don't lose anything. Very cautious ones can sell 1-2 accounts for a start, if the money comes, sell the rest.
    Why do not buy accounts with a ban?
    You can't run ads on them.
    What is TRC20?
    This is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies - USDT TRC20. It can be exchanged for dollars, euros or other fiats on almost all cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance.
    Why is it necessary to have old advertising campaigns?
    New campaigns pass moderation faster. We do not edit old campaigns, they are paused.

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